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bio- find out all of j lover's vital stats. feds he's worked for, titles he's held, and other info you may not know.
message board- come on over and post your questions or comments to j lover. he'll stop by from time to time and post his responses.
photo galleries- tons of photos from brutal matches that j lover has been in.
merchandise- buy 8x10's and videos, including a j lover shoot interview coming soon.
schedule- check out j lover's schedule and find out where he'll be wrestling every weekend.
links- check out j lover's favorite links.


Welcome to J Lover's official website, where you can see him live and in action and find out everything you wanna know about J Lover. You may post comments, questions and even email him. View exclusive photos, find out where he'll be wrestling next and more. Please direct any questions about the site to Donna.

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